Our Guide to Caring for your Dubarry Boots

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Caring for your Dubarry Boots

Dubarry boots are made to last, using the finest quality leather for maximum performance and protection. But all leather needs care, and with a little time and the right treatments your footwear will stay supple and waterproof, whatever you do in them.

The leather used by Dubarry for their country boots is full cowhide, with all its naturally occurring imperfections, giving them a rugged 'worn' look straight out of the box. The leather is specially treated and absorbs less moisture, meaning that it needs 70% less time to dry compared to other types of leather, and ensuring that your Dubarry boots always remain soft and supple.

Store your Dubarry boots away from direct sunlight or other extreme conditions - ideal conditions should be cool, dry and consistent. Boots should be cleaned, dried and treated before storing them away for a prolonged period. It is also worth considering Dubarry boot trees - your boots will keep a better shape over time if you insert these.

Ensure that your boots are clean and properly dry before using any care products. Heavy mud and dirt should be removed under the tap with water and a brush, and ensure that yard manure and waste liquids are always thoroughly scrubbed and rinsed off immediately with fresh water - likewise with seawater and/or salt - as they are very corrosive to leather. Allow the boots to dry naturally in the air for at least 48 hours before any further treatment. Never use artificial heat or an open fire.

There are a number of specialist products available to help prolong the life of your boots and keep them looking their best. We recommend the following:

Dubarry Footwear Cleaner
Aids in the removal of dirt and other residues.
Prepares leather for proofing and conditioning.
Use this on all parts of your Dubarry boots.
Apply using a sponge or cloth. Rub over your footwear and rinse thoroughly. Avoid over soaking. Leave to dry naturally before treatment with conditioner or protector.

Dubarry Footwear Conditioner
Conditions the leather restoring its original appearance and offering water repellency.
Apply this to the smooth leathers on your Dubarry boots.
Apply using a soft cloth. Rub sparingly into the surface, applying as many coats as necessary.

Dubarry Footwear Protector
Restores a water repellent finish and offers high stain resistance.
Spray over the nubuck/suede parts of your Dubarry boots, allowing five minutes between applications. Wipe away any excess from the soles and welts. Allow to dry overnight for best results.

Dubarry Care Trial Pack
A handy three-in one pack containing a small size sample of each of the above three care products.
Ideal for light use or travel.

Dubarry Leather Cream
Strongly recommended for well worn footwear.
Use this in the flex part of the foot to help protect, preserve and soften the leather.
Apply sparingly with a soft cloth to the smooth leather only - do not apply to the nubuck and suede sections.

The entire range of Dubarry boots and care products are available in our Dubarry brand section.