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Established in 1888, over the course of more than a century Hoggs of Fife have gradually built an excellent reputation across the fieldsports and country fraternities for producing good quality, hardwearing products that can be relied upon to withstand the elements and keep you comfortable throughout a day in the field or at work.

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  • Hoggs of Fife Monarch Moleskin Trousers

  • Hoggs of Fife Harewood Tweed Breeks

  • Hoggs of Fife Moleskin Breeks Dark Olive

  • Hoggs of Fife Helmsdale Tweed Breeks Green

  • Hoggs of Fife Men's Mid Weight Cord Trousers

  • Hoggs of Fife Monarch Moleskin Trousers Dark Brown

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  • Hoggs of Fife Highlander Micro Fleece Shirt Dark Olive


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