Aigle Parcours 2 Bottillon Kaki

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Aigle Parcours was the first range of "anti-fatigue" wellington boots, launched in 2012. With its tri-density rubber sole and shock-absorbing cushion, the Parcours 2 allows you to walk further without getting tired.
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Triple density anti-fatigue rubber soles for optimal comfort and heel to toe transition.
The damping cushions in the heels act as return springs, resituating part of the energy used in taking a step.
Cushioning system midsole for comfort and foot stability.
Abrasion resistant outsole.
360 degree high grip lugs for energy management.
Forefoot grip.
Heel breaking system.
Rotproof, washable and quick drying polyamide lining.
The insole is made from absorbent foam over Softex® lined rubber.
Handmade in France by master rubber bootmakers. 

Style ID: AB-84247
Brand: Aigle