Arxus Primo Nord Zip

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The Arxus Primo Nord Zip is lined with 4mm thick neoprene providing insulation against the cold and comfort down to temperatures as low as -20C. The rear full length zip aids putting them on and off and also allows easy air circulation and cooling after periods of walking.
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100% natural rubber to ensure long life and strong resistance. 
2mm thick rubber providing excellent protection against sharp objects. 
Vulcanised construction. 
4mm neoprene lining for superior insulation.  
Comfort rated to -20C. 
Heavy duty full length Riri zip makes it easier to get the boot on and off and also allows for air circulation to cool your feet after periods of walking. 
The strategic location of the zip on the rear of the boot shaft means that the zip bends along its own length, enabling the zip to flex following the natural movement of the leg and foot, thus providing less stress on the zip.
Removable anatomic felt lined EVA-insole to insulate against cold ground.
Essential leather-like reinforcement at the heel inside the boot. 
Arxus X-pattern high-grip sole - built in three technical layers which provides superb comfort, the correct support and extreme grip with a unique stud system.

Style ID: ARX-1025
Brand: Arxus


Size Guide

EU Size UK Size Boot Height (cm) Calf Width (cm) Insole (cm)
36 3.5 39 37 21.8
37 4.5 39 37 22.4
38 5 39 37 23.2
39 6 39 38 24.3
40 6.5 40 38 25
41 7 40 38 25.9
42 8 41 40 26.9
43 8.5 41 40 27.8
44 9.5 41 40 28.5
45 10.5 41 40 29.2
46 11 41 42 29.8
47 12 41 42 30.5
48 12.5 41 42 31.4


  • Wearing what you would normally want to wear inside your wellies (trousers/jeans and thick socks, for example), sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor.
  • Wrap a tape measure (or piece of string that can be measured afterwards) comfortably tight around the widest part of your calf, inserting either one or two fingers between the tape and your leg.
  • Take a note of this measurement, which will give you the ideal calf size for your wellington boots.


  • Wear the type of socks you normally wear inside your wellies and if possible measure your feet in the afternoon (feet typically swell during the day).
  • Distribute weight evenly before measuring.
  • Place a piece of paper on a hard surface with one end to the wall. Stand on the piece of paper with your heel just touching the wall.
  • Mark the end of your longest toe with a pencil for both feet. Ideally get someone to do this for you while you stand up straight.
  • Take the larger of the two foot length values. Women should add 6mm to this measurement to allow for movement and room inside the boot, while men should add 8mm. The combined measurement will be your insole length, which you will find on the chart above.
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