Joules Clothing and Wellies

Joules Clothing founder Tom Joule began selling countrywear at equestrian shows and country and outdoor events more than three decades ago, but it was only after recognising that country folk are such a colourful bunch that the Joules Clothing brand came into existence. One rainy afternoon he realised that the countrywear that was on offer did not truly reflect the personalities of his customers, so he designed a bright pink welly that sold like hotcakes - and so the Joules brand was born. Today the company has grown and developed, but their inspiration continues to come from the countryside and its people, and they remain infamous for their colourful fabrics, prints and detail.

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  • Joules Welly Care Kit

    Regular Price: £14.95

    Special Price £9.95

  • Joules Layfield Waterproof Quilted Jacket Navy

    Regular Price: £159.00

    Special Price £79.50

  • Joules Printed Welly Tan Leopard Stripe

  • Joules Neoprene Printed Wellies Navy Leopard

    Regular Price: £59.95

    Special Price £54.95

  • Joules Neola Neoprene Floral Embossed

  • Joules Collette Welly Dark Brown

  • Joules Slip on Felt Slippers Red Walkies

  • Joules Neoprene French Navy Stripe

  • Joules Field Welly Back Adjustable French Navy


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